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Have breaking news you feel needs to be posted on Diablo II Nation?  If this is your first time submitting news, please read our news submission guidelines.  Otherwise,  fill out the form below.

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- Clan LFD Recruiting
- New Layout Out For The {Doh} Clan
- Atomicclan Guild Reborn
- Clan Diamond Blade Accepting Members
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- The White Knights of Revenge Guild Opens

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S i t e  U p d a t e s

[08/08] - New Items Search Wizard  - Updates to how we display weapons, armor, and jewelry, along with a cool new Items Database and Search Wizard!

[08/05] - Beastiary Added - We now have our complete Beastiary.

[07/31] - New Fiction Added G. 'Water-Addict' Hensler's Ongoing Epic ~ "The Pursuit"

[07/17] - New Horadric Cube Formulae Page, with updates to our gems and socketing sections as well.

[07/01] - New Trading Post, Free Hosting, and a new Forum ~ The Barracks. Be sure to check out each of these new DiabloII Nation Features Today!

[06/27] - Socketing Tips Section added now, with Cloudy's basic tips on the importance of socketing and socketable items.

[06/27] - Gems, Jewelry and Prefixes Sections Added - Sections on the benefits and requirements of gems, jewelry, and the various prefixes found on magic items.

[06/21] - Armor Section Added - All uniques, rare and set armor items found in the closed and open beta tests so far by Cloudy and others. Very soon we'll be adding sections on gems, socketing tips, locations, and other goodies. Check it out and feel free to submit your finds.

[06/16] - Weapons Section Added - All uniques and rare weapons found in the closed and open beta tests so far by Cloudy and others. Very soon we'll be adding sections on gems, socketing tips, locations, armor, and other goodies. Check it out and feel free to submit your finds.

[05/30] - Fanbase Fan Art Section - Two new fan art pieces by fans of Blizzard's DiabloII, and DiabloII Nation. Be sure to check them out.

[05/05] - Community Beta Data Section - Has been brought up to date. This is our section highlighting DiabloII Beta reports from around the net.

[05/02] - Guild Reviews Back in Operation - After a one month downtime for some tweaks, we're back reviewing guilds. Check out May's Review!

[05/01] - Final Report on the Closed Beta - A brief walkthrough tutorial, and a view of what's to come after Act I.[

[04/10] - DiabloII Nation and Community Beta Data Updates - More screenshots, and several new pages of data on shrines, npcs, quests, armor, weapons, etc.

[04/09] - New editorial posted! This editorial sheds light on how some guilds are biding their time with the preparation for the upcoming release of Diablo II.

[03/06] - Guild Reviews Begins! Be sure and check the Guildbase Section for our first review. Look for a new review each month.

[02/19] - Work since February 14 to update the Characters section is complete for now. Updates, including skill levels and skill additions were made to the Necromancer, Paladin, and Barbarian Classes. Check them out.

[02/14] - Finally cranked up our Images Section, not with a full image archive, but with ssotw's and other shots from since we opened. Happy Valentine's Day!

[02/05] - Diablo II Nation Links Program added, and temporarily highlighted in the lefthand menu. Check out our program.

[02/04] - FAQ Section updated to include our own unofficial Diablo II Nation FAQ.




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