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Blizz Vacation Contest Deadline
Updated on 4/13/00 at 9:44:38 PM EST by Cloudy

Just a quick administrative heads-up: Our Blizzard Vacation Contest will end tonight at 12:00 a.m., eastern time. At that point, links and submit buttons and what-not will be disabled. We've received a TON of submissions, and as soon as we get time to sift through them all and narrow it down to a winner, we'll be announcing the lucky soul. If you've yet to get your submission in, don't delay. You could be the lucky winner of a Copy of Blizzard's much anticipated title, DiabloII. Good luck to everyone.

Diablo II Just A Clone?
Updated on 4/13/00 at 5:18:32 PM EST by AlienMarine

Chick of Daily Radar has written an interesting article about Diablo II entitled Diablo II: Sequel or Remake?. It's quite funny and some of it is horribly true. Here's a little part of this article for you to check out:
In addition to predicting its widespread success, I also know that Diablo II is going to suck 100 hours from my life, and those 100 hours will not be terribly different from the 100 hours Diablo has already sucked away. What will a man profit if he lose 200 hours to gain a level 25 Sorceress with his ex-girlfriend's name?
This is a really well written article and I recommend you check it out right here.

Source: Diablo.org

Report on Paladin's Offensive Auras
Updated on 4/13/00 at 12:12:28 PM EST by CdCooL

The guys over at Darkness have put together a very informative report on the Paladin's Offensive Auras. Click here to read it. It's well worth your time if you're interested in the Paladin at all. Also, if you missed their other reports, click this link to read about his Defensive Auras, and click this one to read their thoughts about the Paladin in general.
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Last link is right here, it's got TONS of screenshots and beta information. Those guys have done a fine job, their work shows. Later.

Announcement - Grand Opening of D2Guilds
Updated on 4/12/00 at 6:05:35 PM EST by Kindredjedi

A brand new site has just announced their grand opening for Diablo II enthusiasts, D2Guilds - D2 Related Development. This site features a forum for ideas and suggestions, and application development is in the works. You can check them out here.

The entire staff would like to welcome this new site into the Diablo gaming community. Good luck, fellas.

Special thanks to Yegg's Tavern for the headsup. =)

Diablo II Beta CD - For Sale?
Updated on 4/12/00 at 5:23:37 PM EST by Kindredjedi

You heard right, beta CD for sale. Or at least, was for sale. Someone was trying to auction off a Diablo II Beta CD on EBay for a whopping $150. Click here to view the auction page. For one reason or another noone bid on this auction, despite rumors of Diablo fans offering $100+ for a piece of the prize.

Would you purchase a copy of the beta CD if it were made available to you? Let us know how you feel in the forums section.

Source: Infoceptor

Open Beta Update
Updated on 4/12/00 at 5:23:09 PM EST by AlienMarine

Wondering when the Diablo II Open Beta will take place? Well GFrazier has reported that the date of the open beta will be announced as it get's closer.
As we get closer to the Open Beta we will give out more details on how this part of the beta will be run.
He also explains how the open beta will run.
The second phase of our beta will be an open beta where people can download a specific beta build from the web and jump up on Battle.net to help us stress test our new servers
If you'd like to read his whole post click here.

Diablo II Beta Connectivity Issues
Updated on 4/12/00 at 5:17:25 PM EST by AlienMarine

This is a message to all those lucky beta testers, Blizzard has announced that some players may experience problems connecting to Battle.net due to some network configuration problems. The issues should be fixed within 48 hours according to Blizzard. Here is a copy of the message:
Due to some network configuration problems, D2 Beta testers may experience difficulty connecting to Battle.net. This is a temporary issue, and all connection difficulties should be resolved within 48 hours.
So if your a Beta Tester and you have problems connecting to Battle.net that maybe your problem.

Hey Everybody
Updated on 4/12/00 at 4:56:32 PM EST by AlienMarine

Just wanted to say Hi! to all the people that already know me from Starcraft Nation and to all the people that I will get to know now by working here. To all the SCN fan's I haven't left that site, I work here and there so don't get confused. I'm a huge fan of Blizzard games including Diablo and Diablo II. Now if anyone want's to contact me for any reason my e-mail address is [email protected] and if you'd like to contact me by ICQ my UIN is 6742964 hope to hear from you.

Gamestop - Diablo 2 Beta Winners Announced
Updated on 4/12/00 at 4:29:08 PM EST by Kindredjedi

The new winners of the Diablo II Beta contest at Gamestop were announced today. The eight lucky winners chosen to be included in the beta testing are;

  • Benjamin Bright
    Kansas City, Kansas

  • Jonathan Geisler
    Omaha, Nebraska

  • Dominick Gerard
    Morgantown, West Virginia

  • Justin Ho
    Columbia, Maryland

  • Serge Medow
    Toronto, Ontario

  • David Siklos
    North Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Chris Tedesco
    Fairborn, Ohio

  • Jonathan Thill
    Kelowna, British Columbia

Congratulations, and good luck, to all the winners.

Source: Gamestop

Beta Update
Updated on 4/12/00 at 3:40:05 PM EST by Kindredjedi

The folks at Firingsquad have their latest beta reviews posted. This is their third installment in their Diablo II Beta series, and includes photos and a request section for fans to post what they wish to see from their beta testing. You can view their newest beta update by clicking here.

Source: Firingsquad


D2N  T i c k e r
Beta: Shipped 03/30/00
Gold: 1st Half of 2000

Contest Ended

Winner will be
Announced Soon

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- Blizz Vacation Contest Deadline
- Diablo II Just A Clone?
- Report on Paladin's Offensive Auras
- Announcement - Grand Opening of D2Guilds
- Diablo II Beta CD - For Sale?
- Open Beta Update
- Diablo II Beta Connectivity Issues
- Hey Everybody
- Gamestop - Diablo 2 Beta Winners Announced
- Beta Update

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S i t e  U p d a t e s

[04/10] - DiabloII Nation and Community Beta Data Updates - More screenshots, and several new pages of data on shrines, npcs, quests, armor, weapons, etc.

[04/09] - New editorial posted! This editorial sheds light on how some guilds are biding their time with the preparation for the upcoming release of Diablo II.

[03/06] - Guild Reviews Begins! Be sure and check the Guildbase Section for our first review. Look for a new review each month.

[02/19] - Work since February 14 to update the Characters section is complete for now. Updates, including skill levels and skill additions were made to the Necromancer, Paladin, and Barbarian Classes. Check them out.

[02/14] - Finally cranked up our Images Section, not with a full image archive, but with ssotw's and other shots from since we opened. Happy Valentine's Day!

[02/05] - Diablo II Nation Links Program added, and temporarily highlighted in the lefthand menu. Check out our program.

[02/04] - FAQ Section updated to include our own unofficial Diablo II Nation FAQ.